'Goodbye for Now' by Laurie Frankel

Goodbye for Now book coverWhat if you could stay in touch with the people you love, even after they've passed on?

When Sam, a brilliant computer programmer, meets the love of his life and is fired in the same day, he creates a software that will allow him to do just that, using the digital history of a person's life. As Sam's idea begins to take seed as a profit-turning company, questions of ethical responsibility begin to arise:

  • Is it really okay for a husband to talk with his dead wife, only because he wants her instructions for how to cook a brisket?
  • What about the people who can't hold the big secret in any longer and tell the person they love they are dead and nothing more than an algorithm, a string of numbers in the right order?

Given today's ever improving technology, the scenario created by author Laurie Frankel does not seem implausible, leaving the reader wondering what their digital history would say if it could talk. 

Goodbye for Now weaves between the comedic and the tragic, creating a darkly humorous story that forces one to ask, "How far is too far?" and "When is it time to let go?"