'The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon' by David Almond

The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon book cover

Young Paul from the basement apartment has just let a strange idea fall out of his mouth. He thinks the moon might be a great big hole in the sky and not a moon at all.

His new friends Molly (the twin sister of Mabel who has gone to Caracas, or was it the Nile?); her bag wearing, back from the wars brother; Clarence the poodle (who thinks he will be able to talk and fly once he turns seven); and his skeptical parents join him on this adventure of a lifetime.

In The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon, David Almond has created a quiet hero; though shy, Paul is an adventurer at heart, and the absurd characters he meets along his journey only encourage his ideas. Illustrator Polly Dunbar lends her hand as well, giving faces to characters to whom Almond has given such memorable voices.

Children who enjoy Roald Dahl and The Little Prince will take Paul's adventures to heart.