Manga Character Design Winner

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Manga Character Design Winner

Congratulations to Elizabeth Pitts, one of the winners of the Manga Character Design Contest in Teen Space! Participants were asked to create a unique and original Manga character and share their character with other Manga enthusiasts. Here is a description of the most original character!

Alexia Silae DrawingName: Alexia Silae (See-lay is how you pronounce her last name)

Age: 75 years old

Basic Background: Alexia was human at one point, but it has been a good time since she last saw that world for more than the graveyard she visits and the woman she chastises. She is, by every human legal definition, dead. Though, looking into those black sclera and strange icy periwinkle blue eyes, she is very much alive in her own way of being a Chroma -- a ghost that can change color by touch and control ink she can create through her system. While she may look fragile, she is a deadly source of power that is hard to pinpoint sometimes. One way to make sure you have the right girl is to dangle a belt in front of her and watch her reaction: She will always swipe it from you and either place it over her eyes or around her waist. She has a "brother," a "son," and a "father" that she loves very much in the Overworld, where she has made her new home.

  • Touches a colored object and can perfectly match the color into her hair, eyes and clothes.
  • Creates ink based weapons and tools from thin air.
  • Long seven-colored tongue than can wrap around a child's throat quite easily.
  • Teeth that can tear through flesh like a normal person can bite into bread.
  • Goes without breathing, sleeping or eating for long periods of time because she can.
Weakness: White Paint and No light, completely dark rooms.