Slave Contract Between George Broom and Ignatius Livers, 1808

In the Peabody Room at Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Slave Contract Between George Broom and Ignatius Livers, 1808
Georgetown, DC
Collection No. 91

No accession record is extant for this item. 
One box housing 1 manuscript sheet, size 7 13/16” x 12 13/16”. 
It is contracted and agreed upon between
the parties following [?] George Broom of the
county of Washington on the one [?] & Ignatius
Livers of the said county [?]. The said George
Broom hereby hires his Negro man [?] [?]
the said Ignatius Livers for the space of Twelve
Months from the date hereof an the following
conditions [?]. The said Ignatius Livers is to
pay the said George Broom for the hire of the
said Negro man the sum of Eighty Dollars
for the time aforesaid and to give him a
sufficient [?] of clothes & [?]
during that time and in case of sickening the said
George Broom hereby agrees to pay all
Doctors Bills. And further the said George
Broom agrees to allow the said Ignatius Livers
out of the forementioned Sum of Eighty dollars
on account due by him to the said Ignatius Livers
for House[?] [?]. In witness where of
we have set our hands & Seal at Georgetown
this Twelfth day of December in the year of our Lord
Eighteen hundred & Eight.
George Broom
Ignatius Livers
Witness Ignatius Howton[?]
Witness David Jamie[?]
(An uppercase “H” watermark is visible along the left side of the document.)

  • Little information from standard genealogy resources could be gleaned about the signatories. The 1820 U.S. Census indicates that Broom had one slave between age 14 and under 26. Broom died in July of 1828 and was buried in a walnut casket, location unknown.
  • Livers was born between 1752 and 1762. He died Jan. 7, 1821 and was also buried in a walnut casket, location unknown.
  • If anyone can decipher the [?] words, please do.

Prepared by Jerry A. McCoy
December 2012
DC Public Library Special Collections
Peabody Room
Georgetown Neighborhood Library
3260 R St. NW
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