THINK TANK: Spike Lee and Pharell have 'Art TLK'

Spike Lee and Pharell
It’s such a pleasure, and a gift, to watch two passionately creative people engage in a conversation that inspires. Pharell Williams, contemporary music producer and all-around artist, sits down with the legendary film director, Spike Lee, to discuss life, wisdom and art. This four-part series, produced by the Reserve Channel, is sure to have you drooling on top of your keyboard. In such simplistic yet encouraging dialogue, the viewer is able to witness two of our greatest makers converse while self-examining his/her own mission.


The 'THINK TANK' is a new arts and cultural program at the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library that will debut in December and  proceed every first Thursday of
the month. This program aims to be a forum for thinkers and conversationalists to explore and discuss creative ideas through art and contemporary topics. Whether it is a film viewing, an art/artist review, a panel discussion, or online content, THINK TANK will be a platform for creativity and conversation. This program is free and open to the public.