After School Activity Menu

Flash Card GamesBeginning Tuesday, Nov. 5 at Woodridge Public Library, after-school programming will take place every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5 p.m. The activities below will represent a list of menu options for children and teens to select from. 

Flash Card Games
  1. Password: Guess the words written on cue cards by listening to one or several one-word clues. A fun activity that gives emphasis to critical thinking, and the use of synonyms and antonyms.  
  2. City Uno: Similar to the classic number and color game but with city names. An entertaining take on geography that will increase the knowledge of U.S. cities in relation to their home states. 
  3. Metro Memory Match: Flip over cards to match a pair of station names. An enjoyable activity which encourages the learning of metro stations and their associated system lines via local geography. 

Writing & Art

  1. Create a Comic: Fold and cut paper to create a mini book for drawing and story writing. 
  2. Poetry: Compile your ideas or thoughts in creative writing.
  3. Hip Hop Lyrics: Tell a story about yourself using rhyme. 

Language Learning
Are you interested in learning a new language? Stop by and interact with the DC Public Library database known as PowerSpeak to get started with a basic tutorial in popular languages such as French, Spanish and Japanese.