Albus Cavus Teen Art Workshops

Francis A. Gregory Library

Albus Cavus Teen Art Workshops

Last date: Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, 5 p.m. (see all dates)

Image of Vincent Van Gogh

Come by the Teen Space on Thursdays through early December for art workshops with the organization Albus Cavus! First up is a painting workshop on Vincent Van Gogh. Next, we will celebrate American Indian Heritage Month with a weaving and knitting craft using unique materials. Last, we will get ready for winter with a snowflake fractal stenciling workshop. All workshops are FREE and open to teens ages 13 to 19.

Thursday, Nov. 14
Workshop 1: Go, Van Gogh!
Explore details of Van Gogh’s paintings and relate them to the current exhibit at The Phillips Collection. Create your own work of art to take home! Paint and canvas provided.

Thursday, Nov. 21
Workshop 2: Knit and Weave

Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month by learning the art and skill of knitting or weaving. Practically, these techniques can create baskets, clothing, and fishnets. Artistically, they are used to create beautiful sculptures. In mathematics, these skills are often used to model complex equations in space. In this workshop, learn how to compare and contrast knitting and weaving, and make your own knitted key chain or woven basket.

Thursday, Dec. 5
Workshop 3: Snowflake Fractals
An image of itself may sound like a hard concept to comprehend. However, we will discover that we are constantly surrounded by beautiful fractals—for example natural structures such as snowflakes. Design your own fractals and turn them into stencils!  

Ages 13 to 19.