5 DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Make your gifts (and give your wallet a break) this holiday season!

The holiday season is almost here, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get gifts! Here are some simple ideas for this season.

  • Tape It & Make It coverScarf. When the weather turns this cold, everyone wants a scarf! You can make a standard scarf, or tie the ends together to make an infinity scarf. Funky Knits has some great (and easy to follow!) patterns.
  • Phone/MP3 Player Cases. Another knitting project, making your own case can be a great present for any friend or family member who has a hard time keeping track of their phone/mp3/small object. You can find a pattern in knitgrrl.
  • Duct Tape Projects! In the handy how to guide Tape It & Make It, you can learn how to make duct tape wallets, bags, toys and even shoes!    
  • Canvas Cut-Outs. all you need for this present is a canvas (any size of your choosing) and an exacto-knife. Learn how to make your own. You can also paint over your canvas to give it some more color.
  • Sharpie Mugs. All you need for this DIY gift is a good sharpie and a cheap mug. Always make sure to practice your design or lettering before applying it to the mug -- but minor corrections can be fixed with some rubbing alcohol. You can find instructions at diyopolis.

And if all of those fail to inspire, there is always the playlist. You can make playlists using music you’ve downloaded from Freegal.

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