Nice to Meet You!

Faces to know in Children's and Teen Services

There are a lot of interesting people working in the Children's Room and Teen Space.  Let's get to know them!  
Cameron and Bear
Hello, Cameron!  Do you prefer being called Cameron, or do you have any nicknames?
I like Cameron, but when I was younger I had a lot of nicknames: Cam Jams, Camcorder, Cam-Ron...

Sometimes kids think we live in the library because we are here almost every day. What library did you live in before Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library?
I lived in Queens Borough Public Library, in New York City.  The Corona branch. 

Do you have any special top-secret library plans up your sleeve?
I do, in both Children's and Teen Space. They involve some pretty awesome programming. 

Can you do any good animal impressions?
I do a good dinosaur and a pretty good frog.

What about classic Hollywood impressions?
I'm not that much of an impressionist, but I used to dance like Elvis.  

What's your favorite part of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library?
Probably the people who come here. 

Make sure to say hello to Cameron next time you stop by the Children's Room or Teen Space.  Stay tuned for more enthralling interviews!