Enchanted by 'The Disenchantments'

Starring headlining band the Disenchantments, this book focuses on the three girls who form the band and theThe Disenchantmentsir friend Colby, who has been a sidekick to the band since its inception. Colby and Bev (the band's lead singer and guitarist) have a history. They have been friends for years, have just graduated high school, and are taking the spunky tour van named Melinda on a road trip to do a last set of shows before dropping one of the other band members, Meg, off at college in Portland, Oregon. 

All four of them: Meg, Colby, Bev, and Meg's (slightly) younger sister Alexa are on the cusp of major changes prompted by where they are in life as well as a result of the road trip itself. The characters all have very distinctive personalities and we are brought into their very true to life world as we read and get a tour of the pacific northwest and the people who populate its spaces. 

We all change with events that shape our lives -- some happening over time and some happening in a flash. Reading this book, I challenge you to not change with the characters if you take the journey earnestly. 

This young adult novel is one of the most true-to-life accounts I've ever read. It teems with ambiguities. The primary focus is on the complexity of self, our relationship to our lives - and who we want to be as we create them, as well as interpersonal relationships. It delves into what inspires us to create, and I hope it inspires you as well. I recommend this book to teens and adults.