The Gospel Kids and Teens Group in Concert: Celebrating the Gift from Within through Song


In recognition of Black History Month, The Gospel Kids and Teens Group will provide a gospel-filled concert. 

Affiliated with Zoe Missionary Church, The Gospel Kids and Teens Group is a outreach component of Zoe Life Ministries, Inc.  The mission of the Capitol Heights (Md.) organization is to mentor children, youth and teens by giving them an opportunity to express their artistic abilities through singing, dancing, skits and other activities. Since 2003, the group has performed original plays at shelters for homeless families and the Publick Playhouse in Cheverly, Md. 

Plays performed include Christ a Witness for All in 2004, Why in 2007, The Heart of An Angel in 2009, and The Awakening in 2012. The group has appeared in concert throughout the metropolitan area, spreading joy and good cheer to all.

Join us on Saturday, Feb. 15, beginning at 2 p.m.