Minute To Win It Challenge at MLK Library Teen Space

Minute To Win It Challenge at MLK Library Teen Space

If you are a fan of the recent crop of game shows that have sprung on network television in the past few years, you're probably familiar with Minute To Win It, a game show that airs on NBC. In this show, players must complete challenges using everyday household objects to win cash prizes, leading up to a grand prize of a million dollars if they complete all the challenges. The challenges must usually be completed in a minute (hence the title of the show) and use everyday household objects. The challenges usually range from the interesting to the absurd. Some great examples can be found on the show's website.

Because these challenges are easy to do anywhere, many libraries have done programs based on this game show to great success.  In that tradition, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Teen Space will host a Minute To Win It Challenge on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2-3 p.m. The program will be for ages 13-19.

Some of the challenges we will be trying will be: Dizzy Mummy, Breakfast Scramble, A Bit Dicey, Whipper Snapper, Ready Spaghetti and Tortilla Head, among others.  Participants will be competing for a variety of small prizes. A great time will be had by everyone who comes in, so please stop by.

Please also check out the DC Public Library catalog for books by and about the hosts of Minute To Win It, Guy Fieri and Apolo Ohno.

-Brandon Digwood