The Write|Speak Writing Contest WINNER!: Najya Williams!

dara contest book art

I was a fairly new Library Associate way back in October and my focus was to program my life away! I greatly enjoy uniting and engaging people, ideas, and experiences through creativity and conversation. There's something about providing learning opportunities through an artistic scope that just makes me all tingly inside.
One of my first programs at the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library was a writing contest. “The Write|Speak Writing Contest” was born and ready to go. For one month, young adults (ages 13-19) had the opportunity to submit their best, original writing to our information desk. These young writers could submit essays, short-stories, poems, and anything else that was of written gold.
Unfortunately, the DC Public Library folder that was placed in front of this desk was empty for most of the month. No one submitted any work for the contest.
Then, this intelligent and charismatic young woman came in and dropped off three poems for submission. Equipped with her best work, Najya Williams put her work in my hands and I could have jumped off of my seat.
I finally had submissions! But not only that, they were AMAZING! "Only Kiss Those With Poetry On Their Lips,” "Only Kiss Those With Love Wrapped Inside Thought” and “Only Kiss Those With Bliss On Their Tongue” are something to fall in love with. This young writer, only 15 years old, takes you on a beautiful and delicate poetic journey that you can’t resist. Her works can be complex, but the prettiness of her words makes you want to figure it out. She is something to take notice of.
The contest aimed to choose the top three works and these works would be honored with customized cover art from three emerging artists and a spot on our website. So, I want to take
the time out to give a great thanks to my lovely artists:

You saw the vision of this contest, took time out of your busy schedules, and contributed to young creativity. I thank you.

As you will see, this young writer uses different pen names for her work, but, in all, Najya Williams is the genius behind the written madness. Najya, I would like to thank you for your confidence to submit and the lovely works you've created for the world to read. Keep writing.
Please, take time to enjoy the creativity.
Thank You,
Diamond N.
Library Associate