Valentine Viewing!

Five Valentine Films to watch with your child

Snuggle up and watch!

A Charlie Brown Valentine
25 minutes
A Charlie Brown valentine: Valentine's Day is only a week away and the Peanuts kids have been bitten by the love bug! Charlie Brown dreams of taking the little red-haired girl to the dance, but Cupid's arrows sometimes miss the mark, as Charlie Brown and his friends find out.

Someday you'll find her, Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown is in love again. He enlists the aid of Linus to help find the pretty red-headed girl he saw at a football game.
"A Charlie Brown Valentine" DVD cover
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
25 minutes
The good times begin with a certain big-nosed beagle playing Cupid and does not stop until Charlie Brown opens his mailbox one last, eager time. Homemade Valentine's, class parties, the tug of romance and the allure of chocolate set the mood for these school children.
"Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" DVD cover
Es El Día De San Valentin Charlie Brown
25 minutes
It's almost Valentine's Day and the followers of the cartoon know what that means: candy, flowers and a little luck. The world is a box full of joy and heart-shaped candy to the stars in this classic: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and other favorite characters. The fun begins with a big nosed creature pretending to be Cupid and continues until Charlie Brown opens his mailbox.
"Es el dia de San Valentin" DVD cover
The Valentines Collection
37 minutes
One zillion valentines: two enterprising friends, Milton and Marvin, prove that valentines are for everyone. A letter to Amy: the wind spoils Peter's attempt to mail a special birthday invitation to Amy. Goggles!: Peter and his friend Archie call upon faithful dog Willie to outsmart a gang of tough bullies who want Peter's motorcycle goggles. Wilfrid Gordon Partridge: a small boy helps a friend remember her past by sharing his own special items. Will I have a friend?: On Jim's first day of school he worries, will I have a friend?
"Valentines Collection" DVD cover
Valentine's Day
11 minutes

Explores the answers to: Why do we send cards and flowers to loved ones on Valentine's Day? Why is the red heart a symbol of love?