Black History Month 2014 at Woodridge

Some children who came to the shadow puppet show beside the shadow puppet "stage"

We had a very fun and educational Black History Month here at Woodridge Interim Library this year.

We drew pictures of our favorite African American heroes (our nation's president and Martin Luther King Jr. were very well represented), had trivia contests for teens and children, had the Smithsonian's upcoming museum for African-American History visit Noyes Education Campus, played a special edition of Uno, learned about DC Public Library’s Historic Black Newspapers database, watched movies, and had a shadow puppet show of Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales.

We loved celebrating African and African American heritage with our friends and neighbors this month. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated!

A drawing of Martin Luther King A drawing by a 5th grade participant of Barack Obama
A drawing of Obama A drawing of Martin Luther King jr