Aromatherapy for Kids

How to win friends and influence people, using stuff that smells good
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Aromatherapy? Geez, that's a six-syllable mouthful. What does that even mean? Let's break it down:

Aroma: Fancy word for how something smells
Therapy: A process that helps us feel better

If this still sounds sort of complicated, let me ask you this: Do you prefer the smell of cinnamon rolls or your dad's stinky feet? Would you rather sniff roses or sniff cow manure? How 'bout the wafting scent of burning rubber versus that of freshly cut grass? Any opinions?

I thought so.

We all have to admit that some stuff just smells better than other stuff.

There are lots of good smells out there. Some cheer us up, some leave us feeling more relaxed, others may heighten our energy. So kids, here's the deal:

  • Want to make a cool gift for Mom which might just help her relax and get her off your back about cleaning your room for a while?
  • Need a present for your BFF, whose favorite scarf you accidentally returned with ketchup stains? 

Well, the library has you covered.

Drag your friends down to the Shepherd Park Library children's department, Saturday, March 29 at 3:30 p.m., for a hands-on aromatic extravaganza. Learn more about how different scents and colors effect our moods and the moods of others. Then sniff, measure and mix your way to a magically manipulative concoction, guaranteed to "win friends and influence people." 

DC Public Library Resources on Aromatherapy

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