Epic Origami Yoda Trivia Showdown

Earlier this month, an epic battle of wits took place at the Georgetown Library. In a trivia showdown, contestants tested their knowledge of all things Star Wars and Origami Yoda to see who would be the ultimate master.

 It was a close competition, contestants fielding questions about everything from Dwight’s favorite sandwich to the inspiration for the Millennium Falcon. But finally, the other’s knowledge of Yoda and Darth Vader quotes was no match for young jedi Dallas’ knowledge of Origami Yoda. As the winner of this didactic duel, Dallas took home a brand new copy of author Tom Angleberger’s latest Origami Yoda book, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue. Congratulations to Dallas!
 Dallas wins a copy of Princess Labelmaker
Runners up did not leave empty handed. In honor of Princess Leia’s literary debut we crafted origami Princess Leias. Many contestants added stunning accessories to their rebel princesses.
 Origami Princess Leias
And so, the epic battle of Origami Yoda and Star Wars Trivia came to an end. And our contestants disappeared back off into the artic colds of Planet Hoth, the forested moon of Endor and the grasslands of Dantooine, until their vast knowledge of the force was needed once more. 

-Ms. Jess