Philosophy Cafe

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 6:30 p.m.

portrait of PascalPhilosophical questions create the best discussions. Even the broadest exploration of a classic philosophical subjects such as the issue of personal immortality or the existence of the soul can generate a great deal excitement. The Philosophy Café is a gathering of like-minded people who love to explore these questions. Each member comes from a different point of view. Our next selection is Pensées by Blaise Pascal in the Penguin translation.  Pascal is known as the first existentialist, the first philosopher to deal with death and human finitude in a philosophical way. We will distribute copies of a few of his sayings from that book. One does not need to have read the whole book to begin the discussion. We will focus on the larger questions being addressed by the philosopher. 

The Cafe meets on the second Tuesday of every month on the second floor of Shepherd Park Branch Library.  The address is 7420 Georgia Ave. Washington DC. It is three blocks from the Takoma Metro Station. Walk from Blair, cross Piney Branch Road, continue on to Geranium Street and walk one block up Georgia Ave.
cover of book of Pascal