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Star Wars Trivia and Books

In honor of Star Wars Day, young Jedis, Wookies, Ewoks, and Stormtroopers celebrated all things Star Wars with crafts, games, music, books, and trivia here star warsat Tenley-Friendship Library.

Test your basic Star Wars knowledge here and learn more about the Star Wars universe with these books from DCPL’s collection.

Have fun. And, May the Force Be With You!

Star Wars Trivia [For answers, click here.]

  1. What is the name of Han Solo’s ship?  a) The Enterprise; b) The Millennium Falcon; c) The Winged Victory; d) The TARDIS
  2. Where do Ewoks live?  a) Hoth; b) Krypton; c) The Forest Moon of Endor; d) Dagobah
  3. Who destroyed the first Death Star?  a) Luke Skywalker; b) Han Solo; c) Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds; d) Obi-Wan Kenobi
  4. What is Darth Vader’s Real Name?  a) James T. Kirk; b) Anakin Skywalker; c) Anakin Solo; d) Starbuck 
  5. What color is Obi-Wan Kenobi's light saber?  a) Red; b) Purple; c) Green; d) Blue
  6. What are Darth Vader's soldiers who wear white armor called?  a) Starship Troopers; b) Cylons; c) The Sith; d) Stormtroopers
  7. What is unusual about Tatooine, the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up?  a) It is covered in ice and snow; b) It has two suns; c) It is full of swamps; d) It is an entirely mechanical world 
  8. What type of species is Chewbacca?  a) A Wookie; b) An Ewok; c) A Jawa; d) A Tribble
  9. Which bounty hunter captured Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back?  a) Loki; b) Jaba the Hutt; c) Boba Fett; d) Lando Calrissian
  10. Before she was captured, Princess Leia left a message in R2-D2 for whom?  a) Obi-Wan Kenobi; b) Yoda; c) Buck Rogers; d) Luke Skywalker

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Trivia Answers
1. b   2. c   3. a   4. b   5. d   6. d   7. b   8. a   9. c   10. a