Lamond Riggs is Number 1!

Blue Star
Perhaps you noticed this past Tuesday (as with all the other DC branches) that we were closed for staff day. And while we missed you, our loyal patrons, our closure was not in vain. It was a stimulating day with the opportunity to engage in discussion with colleagues and take classes designed for performance development.

If at this point you are wondering why we are speaking of staff day, it's for one very important reasons - BECAUSE WE WON AN AWARD! Thanks to you, our wonderful patrons, the Lamond-Riggs library was honored with a star award for dedication to customer service. The staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the kind patrons who submitted a letter or phone call in recognition of our hard work but thanks also goes to all of the wonderful people who grace the library, each and every day. If you've never been to our branch, now is the time to come and check us out!

Looking for a way to say thank you - why no try these books?