Introduction to FlexAware®

Saturday, May 10, 10 a.m.

Image of FlexAware logoPlease join us for an introduction to FlexAware® featuring Steven Shafarman.  Flexaware helps people breathe freely and move easily, for healing, fitness, exercise, and mindfulness.  FlexAware is uniquely effective for relieving back pain and breathing problems, and for helping seniors improve balance and walking.  The movements are pleasant and comfortable — all based on current neuroscience and the way young children learn and move naturally.
Young children are naturally strong and flexible, with great stamina.  With FlexAware, you can rediscover that ease and skill.
You can do FlexAware anywhere, anytime.  There’s no equipment, so it’s easy to start and easy to sustain.  A few minutes can bring real benefits.
Picture of Steven ShafarmanSteven Shafarman, the creator of FlexAware®, is also a leading Feldenkrais Method Practitioner.  He studied with Dr. Moshe Felldenkrais and was Feldenkrais’ appointment secretary.  Steven created FlexAware as a dynamic fitness practice that extends and enhances the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.  Steven is the author of the FlexAware Fitness DVD and six books, including Awareness Heals.  He lives in Washington, DC.