Would You Read Chomp by Carl Hiaasen?

Survival of the Fittest?

chomp I enjoyed Carl Hiaasen's book Chomp, which shows what happens behind the scenes in a survivalist show, such as Animal Planet  where the star has to face wild animals and other dangers.  A boy named Wahoo (after a type of fish) McCray and his father Mickey, decide to allow a survivalist show to use some of the animals on their ranch in order to earn much needed money to keep their house and their ranch. Unfortunately, the star of the show, Derek Badger, isn't a true survivalist. He gets fancy lodgings and catered food which is why he needed animals such as Alice, the alligator to help him look like he was a real survivalist.  Alice usually didn't hurt people unless someone accidentally forgot to feed her for a while or she was deliberately mistreated. You'll have to read the book to find out how she, Wahoo and Mickey help Derek to find out what a real survivalist has to do to survive.