The Small Talk Book Club

Are you ready to improve your life skills by reading self-help books and talking about social and psychological matters that are important to you?
If you are one of those people who believe that to feel well and be happy one must develop a degree of self-awareness, and that learning is a lifelong process, you will find Palisades’ brand new book club quite riveting, because every month, we will read a book about personal psychology and self-improvement.  

The Art of Small Talk
The Small Talk book club invites you to read the first book of the self-help series, The Fine Art of Small Talk, a book about how to start a conversation, connect with people, and "feel comfortable in any type of social situation--from lunch with the CEO to a cocktail party where you don't know a soul."

Our new library associate, Reza Saber, a journalist and professor at George Washington University, will be your host. All you have to do is sign up, pick up your copy at the library, read it, and come to discuss your findings with fellow members on the last Wednesday of July. The next month's book will be announced after the first meeting.