Lizards and Turtles and Snakes, Oh My!

Reptiles Alive! at Petworth Library



On Monday, June 23, Miss Rachel and her reptiles visited the Petworth Library!
Reptiles Alive! cares for reptiles that have been rescued (people can no longer care for them as pets, or they were sick or inured), and has special events so that children can meet them.
We were able to meet a California king snake, a baby alligator, a baby monitor lizard, a snapping turtle, a toad and a baby boa constrictor.
Miss Rachel told us all about what the animals eat, where they live, and that it's important to leave animals alone if we see them in the wild.
We weren't able to touch the reptiles, but it was really cool to be able to see them up close.
Thank you to Miss Rachel and Reptiles Alive! for teaching us about these fascinating animals.
This presentation was part of our Summer Reading program, Fizz, Boom Read!
Come in to the library today to sign up for Summer Reading and get prizes all summer long!
We'll be having other special Summer Reading programs this summer:
On July 14, join us for Uno, Dos Tres con Andres to sing, shake and sound out rhythms while learning regional Latin dances and practicing Spanish words.
On August 8, join us for Joe Romano's "Fizz, Boom Read" Magic Show. He will answer the question "Is it Science or Magic?!" Children will witness a glass of water defy gravity, smoke rings fly, and more!