Author Talk: Local Author Beverly Smith Disscuses "He Kept Me"

He Kept Me"This is a true story about a young woman's struggle through the streets of Washington DC. Growing up in the Southeast section of The Nation's Capital, with a large family in the 80's, was very interesting to say the least. As a child, Desire Moore (Moo Moo) had her life all planned out; after high school she would graduate from college, become an Elementary School Teacher, get married to a loving husband, have two kids and a cat named fluffy. That was all before her family became a victim of their environment. Before finding her Savior, she endured being homeless, teen pregnancies, an abusive relationship, jail, being raped, drugs, the death of her love ones and the biggest fight of her life, breaking the generational curse that plagued her family. Although this story is based in Washington, DC this is the story of thousands of woman all over the United States of America."

Join us at Benning Neighborhood Library for this amazing author talk!

When: Tuesday, July 15
Where: Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library
Time: 5 to 6 p.m.