The Day Lincoln Was Almost Shot: The Fort Stevens Story

Fort Stevens was part of the Defenses of Washington during the Civil War. As part of the sesquicentennial celebration of the Battle of Fort Stevens join nationally-known military historian and authority on the Defenses of Washington, Dr. Ben F. Cooling, for an engaging presentation and discussion of his new book on the famous battle.
The Day Lincoln Was Almost Shot: The Fort Stevens Story recounts the story of President Abraham Lincoln’s role in the Battle of Fort Stevens in July 1864. This engagement stands apart in American history as the only time a sitting president came under enemy fire while in office. Cooling offers a close study of the attempt by Confederate general Jubal Early to capture Washington, D.C., to remove Lincoln and the Union government from power, and turn the tide of the Civil War in the South's favor. The dramatic events of this attempt to capture Washington—and the president with it—unfold in stunning detail as Cooling taps fresh documentary sources and offers a new interpretation of this story of the defense of  the nation’s capital.
Thursday, July 10
6:30 p.m.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library
Washingtoniana Room, 307
901 G Street NW
Washington D.C. 20001