Light Fun with Shadows

Shadows Do you have a child interested in science? Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? Then join us for afternoon of fun as we learn about shadows! You can read some books about shadows but why not stick around for an experiment or two? We'll start by learning how to make our own shadow puppet; a shadow puppet is derived from older forms of story telling. In shadow puppetry, a puppeteer uses a puppet to project images onto a flat screen and create a stylized play. You can discover how entertaining this art form is as you learn how to manipulate a figure that you have created.
But wait, there's more - we're also going to perform a cool experiment with soda. Can we make it glow in the dark? Find out and see! On Tuesday, July 22 at 5 p.m.; for ages 6 and up.

But in the meantime why don't we shed some light light on this subject - try exciting titles like these:
Shadow by Suzy Lee
Shadow Play: Story by Paul Fleischman

What Makes a Shadow by Clyde Robert Bulla
Making Shadow Puppets by Jill Bryant