Public Space 101

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.Public Space 101

We all use public space every day.  It’s where we walk to work, ride our bike or walk the dog, sip a latte at a sidewalk café, or sit on a bench to ponder a proposed commemorative work, zoning case, building modernization, security plan, or community concern.  Almost every project we review in the District has the potential to impact the physical form or use of this tremendous public asset.    The District’s public space regulations reinforce several big ideas that make public space one of the most important elements that give our city its park-like character and image.  It sets Washington, DC, apart from other urban municipalities.  

Please join Chris Shaheen from the DC Office of Planning to learn about the history of our public space, how its evolution over the past 200 years has defined the District, what regulations we have that protect and maintain this resource, and what we can do to ensure our traditions for using public space continue into the 21st century.