Quality Time With "Grand-Friends": Honoring Grandparents' Day!

Friday, September 5, 2014 - 4 p.m.

grandmachildIn 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Grandparents' Day would be celebrated annually, the first Sunday after Labor Day, thanks to the advocacy efforts of Ms. Marian McQuade.  A West Virginia home-maker, Ms. McQuade wanted to honor the undervalued, lonely elderly and to encourage grandchildren to appreciate and the wisdom and heritage of their grandparents.

All grandparents (or other senior friends) are cordially invited to come create a bit of family history and join their grandchildren for our special program in honor of Grandparents' Day. During our time together, we will read stories that focus on unique and caring grandparents, sing and move to several songs, complete a fact-finding activity to share what we qualities we cherish and have in common with our beloved grand-friends.