Book Spotlight: "Going Down South"

Going Down South by Bonnie Glover is a wonderful story about family trials, tribulations and forgiveness.
The story is about a young girl named Olivia Jean who is being raised by her mother, Daisy, and her father, Turk.  Olivia feels that her mother cares more for Turk than she cares for her.  She also thinks that her father cared for her until she became pregnant.  He does not speak to her, touch her or look at her. He treats her as though he hates her.

After Olivia Jean becomes pregnant, Daisy decides to send her down south with her grandmother, Birdie, to have the baby. To Daisy’s surprise, she is told that someone has to stay down south with Olivia to raise her during the pregnancy.  Daisy is angry with her mother for having to stay down south, but she stays anyway.  These three ladies learn lessons of love, honesty and forgiveness during their stay together down south.

--Maria Perry, Adult Librarian