Book Roundup: Teen Pregnancy

What do you do if you find out you’re pregnant? Do you decide to keep the baby and raise it on your own? Do you give the baby up for adoption? Do you decide to have an abortion? Or do you throw the baby in the garbage and hope that no one finds it? These are the issues that confront the main characters in two different books, After and My Life as a Rhombus. In After by Amy Efaw, the reader journeys with Devon Davenport through the criminal justice system as everyone—her lawyer, her mother, and even Devon herself—seeks  to discover whether Devon was capable of having a secret pregnancy, giving birth at home by herself, and then throwing the baby in the trash. Devon is an honor student and a star soccer player, who has never even had a real boyfriend, but as it turns out, Devon is hiding much more than even she knows.

In My Life as a Rhombus by Varian Johnson, Rhonda befriends rich girl Sarah when she discovers that Sarah is pregnant. Rhonda had been pregnant before, and helps Sarah deal with all of the emotions that go along with teen pregnancy. Ultimately, this book is about choice—Sarah’s choices regarding her pregnancy, Rhonda’s choices after her pregnancy, and the choices that parents make on behalf of their children.