The 100th Day of School

Recommended Ages: 6-7

The 100th day of school is coming up and Nancy doesn’t know what to do for her class project.  Her teacher, Ms. Glass, tells her not to worry, and that she’ll think about something imaginative to do.  Nancy goes home that day and looks around the house for inspiration, but then she discovers that her goldfish has died. She writes a poem about her goldfish, and her teacher likes it.  Nancy finally thinks of something to do.  She glues 100 pebbles from the goldfish bowl on a huge piece of paper to represent the 100th day of school

The 100th Day of School by Jane O'Connor suggests lots of activities for kids to try.  It is a short book, it is energetic, and it gets the kids’ attention.  I Can Read Books help children build their confidence in reading because of the short sentences and a glossary of terms for unfamiliar words. This book is a level 1 for the beginning reader. It is just one book in the Fancy Nancy series.
Fancy Nancy book cover