How Would You Look Drawn in "Wimpy" Style?

Wimpy Kid SketchOn March 25, we celebrated the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by having a drawing party. Tweens learned how to draw Greg Heffley by watching author Jeff Kinney's live Digital Ink episode. It was exciting to see him create Greg with just a few strokes! After a bit of practice, our tweens were able to draw their own funny versions of Greg.

Then, while enjoying snacks, the tweens sketched themselves Wimpy Kid style and created their own diaries, or, journals as Greg Heffley would say. We discussed our favorite characters and scenes from the books and laughed at Kinney's hilarious drawings.

Check out all five of the Wimpy Kid books, including the latest, The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary. Use pencil, paper and markers to draw yourself Wimpy Kid style or go to Wimp Yourself to have some animated fun!