Don't Forget to Mail Back Your Census Form!

While the official deadline to mail back your Census form was April 1, you can still send your form in and be counted. If you don't mail in your form, don't be surprised to see a Census employee at your door in May to collect your information. What kind of information can you expect to give? You should supply the name, sex, birth date, and race for every person living in your household on April 1, 2010. You can view a sample form on the official 2010 Census Web site.

Why is responding to the Census important? The information you give helps government officials determine what kind of services to provide in your community, and will help them allocate funding for those services. So if you and your neighbors don't mail your Census forms back, your community may be missing out on some essential services because the government doesn't know how many people live there. By filling out your Census form, you can help your community move forward.