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"This Book is Overdue!"

This Book Is Overdue!Is your mind boggled by too much information coming at you? Are you pulling out your hair over the latest technological gizmo? Well, if that is the case, make way for the librarians! Author Marilyn Johnson’s new book This Book is Overdue! is a humorous and topical series of vignettes that show the way modern (and sometimes quirky) librarians play a vital role in their communities.

These new cybrarians are on a mission to assist their customers by jumping in and wading through the mire of data in the digital age and making it comprehensible to all, particularly those who are technologically challenged. Johnson demolishes the notion of fussy librarians shushing their patrons and collecting library fines. Instead she paints a picture of librarians as bloggers, protectors of information freedom and privacy as well as guardians and guides to information in cyberspace. I guarantee that if you read this book, your opinion of librarians will definitely change. You just might see that “the image of librarians may be shifting into cool.”