Find Books You’re Sure to Like

Bummed that your favorite author hasn’t written anything new lately?  Try NoveList’s read-alike to discover other authors who might fit the bill.  Based on the author you like, NoveList will suggest other writers you might like.  For example, if you like Janet Evanovich’s mystery series, NoveList will suggest Nancy Bartholomew and Sarah Strohmeyer.

If James Rollins is more your style, NoveList will suggest Steve Berry for his ingeniously clever Suspense Stories that should hold great appeal to readers of Rollins's books. Berry's books might ease up a little on the relentless pacing found in Rollins's novels, but they feature the same irresistible combination of international intrigue and action-packed plots combined with a story linking some historical subject to a present day mystery found in Rollins's books. and Dan Brown.

Just search on your favorite writer’s name, and then click on the Author Read-alikes link.