Thanks to Marcus White

The Washington Highlands Library was pleased to welcome local author Marcus White on May 18.

White is the author of two books: Roots and Branches and Time Served: An Excerpt of a Prisoner’s Life. White’s story about his life –how he was convicted of a crime and how he now struggles to stay on the high road—was compelling to both teens and adults. White said that peer pressure was one of the factors that took him down the wrong road. He also discussed what encouraged him to get his life back on track. His family, especially his children, had an impact on him turning his life around. He had to learn how to make the right choices instead of doing what everybody else did. White’s message about not letting your peers pressure you into doing something that would cost you your family's respect or lead to jail time was inspiring.

White's books will soon be available at the DC Public Library. You can visit his website for more information.