Splash into Fun

Come to the Children’s Room and join our pool of summer readers.  The theme of this summer’s reading program is “Make a SPLASH – Read!”.  We are asking readers to challenge themselves by making a contract/commitment to read at least 15 minutes a day, 1 book a week, or whatever suites their reading style;  it's not the quantity,  but the quality of the reading experience.  Younger children that are  enjoying listening to stories should join too.  As your goal is reached, return to the Children's Room with your reading log and we will reward you with a "splashy gift".  Our reading incentives allow you to make a splash with a beach ball, water bottle, splash ball, or that adorable plush little raccoon in swim trunks.

Our push this summer is for more family participation.  Research shows that the "staying power" of reading skills comes when it is a family affair.  So please, include a trip to the library into your summer family time and enjoy the best bargain in town, help your children maintain and improve reading skills, and attend free fun programs.

Don't forget to check out our new outside "reading room" after you check out your books!