Takoma Park Library Receives Grant to Preserve Its Archival Collection

The Takoma Park Neighborhood Library is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a grant from the District of Columbia Humanities Council.  Earlier this summer Children’s Librarian Lindsay Halkola wrote a grant to secure funding for the preservation of the Takoma History File.  The D.C. Humanities Council provided funding for the library to acquire proper archival storage and exhibit space for the Takoma History File.  The Friends of the Takoma Park Library are also providing funding. Halkola will serve as the project director and will be in charge of organizing, cataloging and displaying the collection.  At the end of the grant cycle in October she will host a history night at Takoma Park Neighborhood Library to celebrate the collection and local history.  The date has not been set for this program yet.

The Takoma History File is a small archival collection featuring letters, photographs, newspaper articles and other ephemera related to organizations, buildings, people and services in the Takoma Park Neighborhood.  It is a great resource for Takoma residents and other interested parties to investigate our collective past and find out more about the local area.