Brown Bag Recital Series with International Flair

Cellist Vasily Popov and pianist Ralitza Patcheva return September 3 at noon after a summer of traveling.  They’ve been delighting audiences at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library each month since January 2003, with performances of music from the classical repertoire ranging from subdued to rousing to experimental.  Sometimes performing together, sometimes individually and sometimes with guest musicians, they always put on a show that is inspiring, educational and joyfully intimate.  The two both teach at the Levine School of Music and have enjoyed impressive performing careers as well.

Come and hear these two performing powerhouses!  You may also bring your lunch to enjoy during the concert (though we do ask that you pop your soda cans open and rattle your sandwich wrappers before the music begins).  The concerts often begin with a few words from the knowledgeable and entertaining Sorab Modi.  They usually last about an hour, and they take place in Auditorium A-5.