Beach Reading Just Got Even Lighter

kindle at the beachDid you know that you can use the library to check out e-books for
your Nook or Sony E-Reader, and audiobooks for your iPod for free from
the library? Your free romance novels from the library don't need to weigh your suitcase down!

This Saturday, we'll be hosting a program where you can learn to download audio books, e-books, music, movies and more straight to your
home computer. All you need to get books from home is Internet access and a library card number. Many books and albums can even be transferred to your e-reader, smartphone or iPod!

Join us on Saturday, July 10, at 3 p.m. to learn how you can take advantage of all that we have to offer without leaving your home... or your vacation.
Questions? Call Maria at 202-724-8783.