Job Trends

Job Trends

Try to enter the mindset of today’s companies. If you can anticipate their needs, you’ll have a better shot at getting hired. Regardless of your career interests, you should be aware that employers will expect you to:
  1. Do more than what your job description says
  2. Perform multiple tasks at the same time
  3. Have basic computer and Internet skills
Trend 1: Do more than what your job description says
Companies need flexible employees who can respond quickly to changing markets. Employers want people who can do many things and do them well. Don’t interpret a job in terms of a specific job title or function. Be prepared to help out in more ways than one, and never limit yourself to what appears written in the job description.

Trend 2: Perform multiple tasks at the same time
Companies want people who can tackle problems and take advantage of opportunities at the same time. They want people who can prioritize and accomplish tasks in a timely fashion. Be prepared to work longer, harder, and as needed. Think of your job as a never-ending juggling act.

Trend 3: Have basic computer and Internet skills
Information is the basis of the global economy. Therefore, companies prefer that all their employees have a practical familiarity with computers and the Internet. Know how to use basic software applications (e.g. Microsoft Word) and how to perform basic tasks using an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). Having these skills will make you a stronger candidate, since employers know they won’t have to spend more to train you. Also, keep in mind that many companies only allow people to apply for jobs with them online.

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