Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Organizing yourself will make your job search easier. It will also keep your mind fresh, which will help you at work once you have a job. Below are some things you should think about getting to make your job hunt short and easy.

1. Telephone with Voicemail
Employers need to reach you to discuss job opportunities. Make sure your voicemail message is serious and easy-to-understand. Avoid welcome messages that are informal or funny or ringback tones.

2. Access to a Computer and the Internet
You’ll need to search and apply for jobs online. If you can do this 24/7 from home, all the better. If you don't have a home computer, you can access one for free at any DC Public Library and at selected D.C. Department of Employment Services DC Works! Career Centers. Ask a librarian if you need more time for your job search.

3. An E-mail Account
Companies often ask you to register with your e-mail address to apply for jobs on their websites. E-mail is also an easy way to send out cover letters and résumés. Make sure the e-mail address you use with employers is simple and professional. For example, avoid using an e-mail address with slang, a nickname, or anything that might cause employers to think twice. Here are some sites that allow you to set up free e-mail accounts:

4. USB Flash Memory Stick (flash drive or jump drive)
This will allow you to carry your résumé and cover letter with you anywhere. Flash drives are cheap, easy-to-use and portable. Getting one will make your job hunt a lot easier.

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