The Library...

The Cool Place to Be...Literally!

On July 26, at 1 p.m. when the doors opened to the Chevy Chase Library, people poured in to escape the heat. Even though the temperature had not hit the 100 mark, much of the community had suffered power outage from the weekend's storm. As time passed, more and more new faces were seen, and these first-time users learned how to get a library card, access the computer and even check out materials.
Laptop and computer seekers filled every chair, table and outlet. The phone was ringing off the hook with inquires about our hours, air, and wi-fi access. The library became a hub where neighbors greeted each other, and commiserated while waiting for their turn to check their e-mail. Laptop users could be found hunkered down near any available outlet savoring the library’s free wi-fi.

And the staff?  What was their reaction? This additional use of an already bustling branch meant further logistical issues; with many first-time visitors, this meant “all hands on deck.” More than once the staff was told “thank goodness you all are open,” and the staff was gratified to offer a place the community could come to and fill a need.