DC Public Library Wins $1.5 Million Stimulus Grant to Increase Computer, Broadband Access

DC Public Library has been awarded a $1.5 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act broadband grant to upgrade equipment, increase Internet-connection speeds and increase the number of public-access computers.

“My administration is committed to bridging the digital divide,” says Adrian Fenty, mayor of the District of Columbia.  “With this grant, we’ll make great strides toward that goal by expanding access to computers and the Internet citywide and especially in under-served communities.”
The grant, issued as part of the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program, will help fund the DC Community Computing Resources project (DC-CCR).  DC-CCR will upgrade connection speeds to as high as 1 gigabyte per second and deploy more than 1,000 new computers at 24 libraries, two recreation centers, three public schools and one community college library.   The faster connection speed will allow public computer users to download a 14-CD audiobook in a little more than 3 seconds.  
“This grant ensures that broadband Internet, public computers and training opportunities will be available throughout the District, especially for those who rely on library computers as their only computer,” says Ginnie Cooper, chief librarian of the DC Public Library.