Interview Questions

Interview Questions

QuintCareers Interview Question Database
It is absolutely critical that you have prepared answers to common interview questions. The QuintCareers website has a database of these, along with examples of good answers. They even have some of them broken out into small sets as sample interviews. A good way to prepare is to have a friend or relative do a trial interview of you, using these questions.

Don Georgevitch's Job Interview Videos
The author of The Complete Interview Answer Guide has uploaded about 25 videos to YouTube drawing upon content from his book. These are all about 3-5 minutes and well worth the time to watch. They're not really arranged in any particular order, so just browse around and see what looks interesting.

A Strategy for Answering Any Interview Question
Reviewing sample questions and thinking about how you'd answer them is good, but to really nail the interview, think about how to turn those questions into opportunities to sell your strengths. This article from the Wall Street Journal's Career section explains that strategy in simple terms.

How to Discuss Career Setbacks in an Interview
Many people have lost their jobs or have gaps in their résumés for one reason or another. This article from the Wall Street Journal's Career section discusses how to handle these issues in your interview.

Handling Your "Red Flags" in an Interview
Some more advice on how to handle potential red flags in your background comes from the authors of "Job Interview Tips for People with Not So Hot Backgrounds."

Interviewing the Interviewer
Most interviews will conclude with the question, "Do you have any questions for us?" or "Do you have any questions about the job?" If you don't have anything to ask, the interviewer may feel like you're not that interested in the job. This site has a list of possible questions you might ask them -- print the page and have a few highlighted or memorized, so that you're ready to interview the interviewer.