Interview Basics

Best Job
This comprehensive website, created by recruiter Julia Penny, contains information about almost any kind of interview situation, including phone interviews, negotiating salaries, what-to-wear guidelines and much, much more. It's not the prettiest website, and there are some ads that get in the way of the content, but it's probably the best one-stop site to prepare quickly for an interview.

QuintCareers Guide to Job Interviewing Resources
A wealth of free interview help has been gathered at the QuintCareers website, including this interview resource guide, which includes links to tutorials, a quiz, articles and their database of interview questions. It's also not the best-designed website, but the content is quite good.

HR in Motion's Interview Skills Video Course
The consulting company HR in Motion has uploaded its nine-part course on interviewing to YouTube. Each part is about 4-5 minutes, and to find the next part, scroll down the list of videos on the right side of the screen.'s Non-Verbal Interview Tips
The interview isn't just about the words that come out of your mouth; you're also communicating consciously and unconsciously with your facial expressions, eyes, and posture. Avoid making a move that ruins your chances with this quick tip sheet.

How to Say Thanks After an Interview
Most people know to write a thank-you note after the interview, but do you know how to write one that stands out? The Wall Street Journal's Career section tends to have articles aimed at the more managerial or executive level, but some of them, like this one, have advice that applies to all job seekers.