Start Your Own Back-to-School Book Club

Isabelle, the Ice Dance Fairy book coverStart the school year off with your very own back to school book club.
The Rainbow Magic Series are great fun books for children to read for book reports. This can be a home reading project with family and
friends and their children.

The series has about 23 short chapter books and four special edition books.  Each book has only a little over 50 pages with pictures.  The storyline caters to young girls between the ages of 7 and 9.  Each title features a fairy covering various subjects like: Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy, Shannon the Ocean Fairy, Helena the Horse-riding Fairy, and Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy.

All the books in the series are written by Daisy Meadows. The Rainbow Magic website provides games and activities, and the opportunity to get new Rainbow Magic books.