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Check It Or Leave It

In this series, DC Public Library pals Tachalla and Peter review books from the popular library that aren't so popular. And by "review," we mean they read the first 50 pages and let you know whether it's worth checking out. 

Episode 1: Family by Natalia Ginzburg
Episode 2: Star Griffin by Michael Kurland
Episode 3: Murder Within Murder by Frances and Richard Lockridge
Episode 4: Damselflies by Jayel Gibson
Episode 5: Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen by Marilyn Chin
Episode 6: When the Killing Starts by Ted Wood
Episode 7: Broken Angel by Brian Knight
Episode 8: A Fold in the Tent of the Sky by Michael Hale

MLK Podcast

Stories about the happenings in and around the MLK Library.

Episode 1: NaNoWriMo -- A look at National Novel Writing Month, the idea behind the November event, and some of the writers attempting tackle the NaNoWriMo challenge.
Episode 2: Map Story -- A chat with one of the members of the Digital Commons' Dream Lab, one of the founders of MapStory.
Episode 3: Riide at the DC Tech Meeetup -- We chat with the founders of Riide, a startup featured in January's DC Tech Meetup, which brings together 800+ innovators at the MLK Jr. Memorial Library bimonthly to see demos, launch products and meet their future co-founders, partners and funders.

Read This, NOT That!
Join Anne and TaChalla in DC Public Library's soon-to-be-favorite book club, Read This NOT That! Anne and TaChalla read books that they (and others) consider to be overrated and offer you some much better alternatives. 

Episode 1: Eat, Pray, Love vs. Wild
Episode 2: The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale
Episode 3: The Time Traveler's Wife vs. Outlander

Voices of the Library

In this interview series, everyday library patrons talk about how they use the DC Public Library.
To contribute to this series, email peter.timko@dc.gov.

Episode 1: Jabbar S. -- Jabbar S. talks about how he found a tight community at MLK.
Episode 2: Amanda Huron -- In this episode, we chat with a professor from UDC who's doing research in Washingtoniana.
Episode 3: Scott Morgan -- Library regular Scott Morgan talks about the blog he runs from DC Public Library's Digital Commons.
Episode 4: Robert Newberry -- Nomadic activist Robert Newberry how he got involved in social justice work.

Programs and Specials

From library programs to special podcast features, DC Public Library has it all.


U Street Oral History Project

Excerpts from the U Street Oral History Project. Interviews conducted by Kelly Navies, production work by Peter Timko. This project was made possible with help from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. For more information contact kelly.navies@dc.gov.

Audio Storytelling

Members of the Audio Storytelling class at Digital Commons share their stories.

Georgetown Poetry Series

Poetry readings recorded as part of the Georgetown Poetry Series in April 2013.

You can also watch members of Poets on the Fringe members read their poetry on the library's YouTube channel.