Staff Picks

'Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror'

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley has more than enough fear-factor for most fans of scary stories.

Teen Book Review

It seems that whatever you read, whatever you watch on TV or in the movies, you’ll find heroes all of types populating the media.  We love to watch them and read about them, and imagine ourselves being them.  However, heroes aren’t worth much unless they are being opposed by a truly dangerous villain. Supervillains in the comics and on television are the bad guys that we love to hate.

Spotlight on Series

Roscoe Riley Rules

Curl up, get cozy, and read.Never Glue your Friends to ChairsBy Katherine ApplegateJUV J APPLEGATE

Irish Spotlight Book Review

Tana French's 'In the Woods'

In honor of St.

New Kids' Paperback Series

We have a couple of new series for kids in our paperback collection.The Cupcake Diaries

Northwest One Library Egg Hunt

Spring brings to mind eggs and chickens, bunnies and chocolate, and green and yellow baskets.Here are a few of my favorite egg books:

Miss Christina's Pick


Transport yourself into a different time and place in Louise Erdrich’s latest novel, Chickadee. A continuation of the Birchbark House series, which follows an Ojibwe family’s life in 19th-century Minnesota.

Welcome Back to Wonderland

In Splintered by A. G. Howard, Alyssa must travel back to Wonderland in order to right all the wrongs that her great-great-great-grandmother, Alice, created while traveling down the rabbit hole.

Under Wildwood

The thrilling sequel in the Wildwood Series

When we left Prue and Curtis at the end of Wildwood, we couldn't help but feel their story wasn't over. Curtis had chosen to stay behind with his fellow bandits, and Prue had heroically returned from Wildwood with her baby brother.

Overcoming Passive-Aggression

Resources from the library can help

Hidden anger that comes out indirectly-through inappropriate, unproductive action or even inaction-can undermine relationships with friends, family and colleagues at work.  This book examines how this kind of anger, called passive aggression, can undermine sufferers and their relationships and make life generally miserable.